cool tools to start

Here we outline some cool tools to start you on your cross-industry journey.

Cross-industry transfer map

Use our cross-industry transfer map to get specific insights from inspiring companies or organisations (Cool inspiration from our friends at Board of Innovation).

Download the cross-industry transfer map here (pdf).


Cross-industry jackpot

Make cool new cross-industry combinations with this ‘jackpot’, based on proven ‘types + ‘alliances’. Fill in your ‘activity to innovate’ and hit ‘Go’, let the magic work for you to come up with new cross-industry insights!

Give the Cross-industry jackpot a Go!

XIND posters overview

Cross-industry innovation poster set

Get your own cross-industry innovation poster set. Print them and use the posters in the office, in your acceleration rooms and be inspired!

Download (PDF) the official cross-industry innovation poster set today!

Cross-industry canvas

Cross-industry research canvas

Use our cross-industry research canvas to guide you through the 11 steps to do structured cross-industry research.

Download the cross-industry research canvas here (PDF).

XIND 21 ways tool cards

Cross-industry innovation card set

Get your own cross-industry innovation card set. Print and cut them out, use the cards to play with various components & insights.

Download the cross-industry innovation card set now!

Cross-industry cheat sheet

Cross-industry cheat sheet

Use our cross-industry cheat sheet for a structured approach to cross-industry innovation.

Download the cross-industry cheat sheet PDF here.

101 Super Sites cross-industry innovation

101 cross-industry super sites

Jump start your cross-industry innovation efforts. Visit the links to gain insights to enhance your products/services, processes, business models, strategy & culture. Enjoy the ride!

Dive in the 101 cross-industry super sites!