Engaging keynotes on cross-industry innovation

We — the authors — believe there are positive alternatives to many of the challenges we face. More elegant solutions already exist somewhere else — in another area, another industry, another sector — yet they are not recognised as a possibility.

Packed with examples tailored to your company, industry or theme, our interactive and engaging keynotes explain the essence of cross-industry innovation. Participants will take away great insights & hands-on tools to learn from other areas.

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The main take-aways of a cross-industry innovation keynote
1. Discover the power of learning from other sectors
2. Learn how to structurally search for insights for your business challenges
3. Build your own cross-industry innovation capacity

Based on the book: Not Invented Here, Ramon Vullings 
& Marc Heleven deliver highly engaging keynotes, with custom examples suited to your business.

The participants will:

  • get an understanding of how cross-industry innovation works
  • be inspired by many practical examples
  • get familiair with the Concept-Combine-Create method
  • learn to 2 key cross-industry tools
  • feel empowered to think & act cross-industry directly, being able to apply this to their own work
  • and in many cases… get a personal copy of the book: Not Invented Here: cross-industry innovation

Don’t just think outside the box, think outside your industry!