• Keynote presentations

    1 XIND keynotes
    What can a hospital learn from a hotel?
    What can a car manufacturer learn from video games?
    How can a chemical company learn from a festival?


    Packed with examples tailored to your company, industry or theme, our interactive and engaging keynotes explain the essence of cross-industry innovation. Participants will take away great insights & hands-on tools to learn from other areas.

    Get a taste and contact us for an engaging keynote for your event.

  • Workshops & training

    2 XIND training workshops
     Develop the skills and tools to reframe and then dive in to your teams’ challenges with our hands-on action learning workshops.


    We work with you to choose the correct focus and then use a combination of examples and practical excercises to jump start you into cross-industry innovation. You will learn tools and models that can be applied to your work life while also directly framing and tackling the problems as a team during the workshop.

    Get in touch for a workshop or training for your team.

  • 21 ways for innovation & strategy

    4 XIND 21 ways
    21 ways
    is a set of checklists and inspiration sources for product & service ideas, product development, service innovations, government innovations, business model generation and defining strategic directions.

    Combining the input with an interactive engaging presentation or workshop clearly helps to come up with new connections, great ideas and enriched concepts. Based on successful innovations, Marc Heleven extracts important trends, principles or evolutions. 21 ways (pdf) is useful in individual or group brainstorms and in new business development and strategy sessions.

    Let’s discuss a 21 ways for your industry.

  • Consulting

    3 XIND Consulting
    As innovation-action experts, Ramon & Marc help clients to go cross-industry in a structured way.  From innovation programs to congresses and from clients events to branche meet-ups… we work together to find new ways to activate people and make cross-industry innovation happen.

    With a background in international consulting, as Operations Manager -for the EMEA Customer Relationship Management practice of PwC Consulting and IBM- Ramon has both the cross-cultural and technological experience to help innovate in larger complex environments. Marc has over 15 years of research experience, delivering key insights to infuse innovation & strategy.

    Contact us for coffee and to discuss how cross-industry innovation can boost your business strategy.

  • Corporate learning expeditions

    5 XIND Leadership journeysWe travel together with (mixed) management and leadership teams to other companies -all around the world- to learn from.

    During and after these visits we reflect on content and also on the cross-cultural experiences. We ensure you meet organisations and people with totally different solutions to your challenges.

    If you want to travel and not only in your mind, contact us to discuss the cross-industry possibilities.

  • ideaDJ

    6 XIND ideaDJ

    ideaDJ: someone who creates powerful & beautiful combinations which add value.

    As ideaDJ you’re able to (re)mix ideas and concepts cross sectors, industries, branches and business challenges. We provide the strategy, tools, skills and attitude development to help you to become a better ideaDJ! Contact us for more info!